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The English are now prisoners in there own country.. literally!

I can’t believe i missed this travesty of “justice and free speech”. Where have i been the last couple of months, why have i never heard of this issue? I can’t believe its actually happening to a country like England. Im Australian and we too are being subjected to a national ID card, but to-date we still have our freedom intact.. I feel for ….

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PirateReports revokes vBulletin license of for “moral reasons”


Make sure when purchasing software that you always have a backup plan in place if the software vendor decides to stop letting you use there software! vBulletin did just that (lega or not legal is the big questions)

Article:, an anti-piracy agent for Jelsoft (the makers of vBulletin) revoked the license one of the biggest US based Anime websites ( for “moral reasons”. Beware vBulletin users who might have “questionable” content.

The great debate:

So what did the community at Digg have to say about this?

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