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Best Practices for Successful Online Communities


Came across this cool piece of information. If your planning on creating a social site then take a quick look over these pointers. You may learn a thing or two!

1.Build an open vs. closed community

2.If you build it, they don’t necessarily come

3.Well integrated to the rest of the Website

4.Adequate staffing/moderation resources

5.Highly transparent, meaningful member ratings

The link below gives more details pertaining to each point above…

Best Practices for Successful Online Communities « Ragsdale’s Eye on Service

How your Digg User Rank is Determined

“The trend is not hard to spot, Digg user ranks are tiered by 1)Number of Stories made Popular, and then 2)Number of Profile Views. It is that simple.”

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The Effect of User Ranking on Digg

“User ranking has always been useful for sorting out contributors to the community but is not without it
’s faults. Having that number next to your name can do a whole lot more than give you a positive standing.”

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The purpose of this article is to deconstruct the application and show you how to build your own. First step: database design.

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