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Harvard law: Universities should tell RIAA to take a hike!

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Harvard says universities should be committed to the advancement and education of the youth, and should never be perceived as doing the bidding of corporate interests.

Here is the article stating stating Harvard’s strong sentiments against RIAA.

I am a strong opponent to RIAA and there strong arm tactics. Great work Harvard!

To all the existing universities that have already failed there students and have be-friended the RIAA… poo poo to you!

Save internet radio from the clutches of RIAA! A call to action!

Once and a while something comes along that moves me into taking action. This is one such cause!

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Judge: music labels have to prove sharing


On Digg estvir wrote an article about a recent case of a judge telling RIAA that its up to them to prove that the plantiff(the one there sueing) was actively sharing there copyrighted material. Basically that it wasnt enough to show that the plantiff put the files on there computer but that they actively advertised the material to others to download! 


Judge David G. Trager ruled that when the case goes to trial, “plaintiffs will have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that defendant did indeed infringe plaintiff’s copyrights by convincing the fact-finder, based on the evidence plaintiffs have gathered, that defendant actually shared sound files belonging to plaintiffs.”

The great debate : 

 So what did the digg community have to say about this?

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