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Results from – Experiment “purchase traffic”

Ok 3days into the adwords experiment of purchasing cheap traffic here are the results..

100 clicks at 1cent each  over 3 days.

Now that is extremely low but if you look at the words/phrases we choose the 100 clicks i got was pretty high. (It only cost me 1dollar anyway)

Now all i have to do is create another couple of hundred adwords campaigns bottom “phissing for the 1cent clicks”

Stay tuned for my next experiment “purchase traffic via print media advertising

Experiment “purchase traffic” – using Adwords

Ok to recap i have a site that i want to grow, and by grow i mean get alot of people visiting it!

I outlined that i would try to achieve this by either purchasing traffic or by purchasing print space in a local magazine. The later, print space, is the subject of a future post. This post is about my first option “purchase traffic”

The site which im trying to grow is Liquid Lounge. Check out the Liquid Lounge tab if you want more information regarding this site!

Step 1: Find cheap keywords

I used this site to find cheap keywords. Take time to look around it and try to find keywords that match your site.

I choose the area “entertainment” and category “shows”. The keywords i chose were at the end of the list, the el-cheapo keywords in the 0.05cent range!



don and mike show
pedigree slide show
andy milonakis show
source today show
ticket to show
attack of the show
pedigree slide show
cruise show today tom
man show lady

Step 2: Adwords setup

Strategy is to get people to the site for only 1cent if possible. Unfortunately the search network is too expensive so we have to utilise the content network.

switch content network on and leave search network off

 So i created a campaign, pasted my keywords in to it then switched off the google search off and left the content network on! I also set a budget of $10/day

Then i bid 0.01cent on the keywords!


Step 3: Wait and see.

Now all i do is wait for the clicks. Hopefully you’ve chosen a keyword that is popular and doesnt have too many scammers and click freuds!


Next time: 

My next post will be about the results from this experiment. Stay tuned people!

Driving traffic to a site (using ADWORDS)

My goal is to make my personal website popular and by popular i mean “thousands of unique repeat visitors every day”

My personal website is “liquid lounge“.

So how am i going to drive traffic to my site?

1) Purchase traffic – advertise in other online websites and drive traffic from there to my site!

2) Advertise in print publications – advertise in local magazines, or print publications and try to attract people to my site!

Option 1 “purchase traffic” will be my experiment “Purchase Traffic” and seeing as i already know how google adwords works i will use there advertising network!

Option 2 “Advertise in print publications” will be the subject on my second experiment “Advertising in Print Publications”

Step 1: Find cheap keywords to bid on

Step 2: Come up with a catchy non-misleading adverts tying my site with the keywords defined above

Step 3: Run the campaign and monitor the the popularity of my site!

As a side note I am prepared to lose money on this experiment! And i am capping my potential losses to AU$200.

experiment “Purchase Traffic” will be discussed in my next blog entry, stay tuned!

Experiment using ADWORDS/AMAZON

Hello people,

Ive just gotten back from holidays but prior to leaving on them (a month ago) i began my first experiment using Adwords and Amazon!

Ive just switched it off (disabled my google adwords campaigns) and i dont think ill turn it on again so im happy to share every piece of information regarding the results of this experiment!



Sell Amazon DVD’s
1) Laguna Beach
2) Arrested Development Sitcom
3) Futurama DVD’s
4) Simpson DVD’s
5) Scrubs DVD’s

campaign 1 : Laguna Beach Reality Series
campaign 2 : Arrested Development Sitcom
campaign 3 : Futurama Series
campaign 4 : Simpson Series
campaign 5 : Scrubs Series

PART 1: Finding my keywords

I set the budget to $100/day for each campaign (don’t be afraid to set this high, check out my strategy later for why i do this)
I started with over 30 keywords per campaign (not targeted at all).
eg. Arrested Develpment, Arrested Dev, Arrested Development DVDs etc etc

For each keyword i needed to find the minimum CPC:
1) I set the Max CPC very low at the begining eg. 0.06cents
2) Each hour i would check if i was getting clicks/impressions if not i would slowly increase it by a couple of cents eg. 6c –> 11c–> 14c
3) When i got to a point where i was getting good clicks and a nice ranking i would stop there. It would take me between 1 -4 days to get to that point.
[earlier i set my budget to $100/day- i always knew it would never get this high because my strategy is to always bid for keywords at a rediculously low price then slowly work up, this way you always get the cheapest price]

“Lagunga Beach” : max CPC 41cents (took me 3 days to get to this) – some advertisers were paying upwards of 1.40CPC whilst i was getting great clicks for my 0.41cpc.(start low work up )
“Arrested Development” : max CPC 54cents (took me 1week to get here)
“scrubs” : max CPC 25cents (took me 2 days to get here)
etc etc.

Whilst working out my CPC’s i would work out which keywords were working and ones that wern’t. In the end i had campaings with about 3-5 keywords each. Don’t be afraid to remove keywords!!!!

My most profitable campaign was Laguna Beach and it had only 1 keyword in the end “Laguna Beach”

PART 2: Text Adverts

I started with a very big list of keywords and dwindled them down to specific working keywords. My adverts on the other hand were all very generic extremly targeted ones based on this template

If your a fan of the series you
need to get the extended DVD

PART 3: Landing pages for the adverts

I made a special fan site for the dvds and made special landing pages for each campaign. They were very targeted pages!

This is the landing page for laguna beach the best selling of the products

PART 4: Endurance

This is definetely the hardest part of the whole process. Lasting the distance. Basically you have to watch as your money runs out, as you get the clicks and don’t know if your making the sales.

All up i endured 2weeks of solid advertising (totalling about AUS$1500 of advertising)

campaign 1 : Laguna Beach Reality Series : $465 in advertising
campaign 2 : Arrested Development Sitcom : $165 in advertising
campaign 3 : Futurama Series : $233 in advertising
campaign 4 : Simpson Series : $344 in advertising
campaign 5 : Scrubs Series :$245 in advertising


Laguna Beach Season 1 : 54
Simpsons Season 1 : 4
Simpsons Season 2 : 1
Simpsons Season 3 : 6
Simpsons Season 4 : 2
Simpsons Season 5 : 7
Simpsons Season 6 : 12
Simpsons Season 7 : 28
Scrubs Season 1 : 4
Scrubs Season 2 : 19
Arrested Development : 21
Futurama : NONE !!!


With amazon we only get a 5-10% commission structure which is really @@#$
After i work out how much that translates to ill update people with the profits/losses.

In a nut shell i believe i made a nice profit but untill i actually calculate it i have no idea! Give me a weeke to get back into the groove of things!

Amazon technically performed badly, it took ages to load and sometimes the product wouldnt load at all (showing the standard amazon advert in place of the actual product).

Similary when i wanted to check my stats in the associates area the site was extremely slow to load up and sometimes died on me.

Similarly the reports are pretty crap. I dont think ill use amazon again!

From what people say Commision Junction sounds pretty good. I might try them out next time (maybe next week)!

If you have time check out my current experiment “beatifying the web”