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One possible future for Desktop?!


So last week, 25th march 2013 , a video leaked of someone using a version of Windows with a new UI/UX interaction for the start screen.

We believe it may be Windows Blue or possibly Windows 9?! or might be just MS internal developer’s/designers trying out some ideas ?!

Bottom line is it was an interesting new metaphor for desktop apps that was being shown off. Or more importantly a more connected experience between modern shell and desktop shell


The user starts in the start screen


They swipe bottom-to-top  to get to the apps list, incidentally in Windows Phone to do the equivalent is swipe right-to-left Smile [Windows learning more from Windows Phone, nice ! ]



Click on a desktop app (in this case a modernized SkyDrive desktop app)



At the moment the desktop skydrive app window is not in focus, click on the desktop to give the window/desktop focus (notice the window chrome has changed to that of being in focus)


At anytime swipe top/bottom edges to get to the AppBars (top/bottom), see how the top app bar can show a possible list of apps running on the desktop, notice the (+) as well.

The bottom app bar itself has interesting icons, one even resembles what you would see on the standard desktop task bar (the wifi network status icon). One can even assume that the classic desktop taskbar is nothing more than an app bar in this new modern world Smile


Notice in the classic Windows 7 taskbar they introduced those previews? Don’t they resemble what you would put in the top app bar ?! Smile



The bottom app bar , ill call it my task bar, in the leaked video can eventually get you back to the app list ..


This is part of the leaked video that shows the UI/UX experience


Actual Chinese link to video :


Conclusion …

This may be just internal designers/devs playing around with new Desktop / Modern UI metaphors ..

It could be MS’s answer to osx, linux etc multi-desktop views…

It’s interesting the idea of layering an modern app over the desktop itself that is window aware, that idea intrigues me.

This whole notion of mixxing the classic desktop as nothing more than a render layer within a modern app is something i want to explore ..

And this modern app layered on top of the desktop can give life to the desktop and the currently in focus window.. I like that idea!

I hope this video is for real, and the Modern Desktop UI/UX workflow is as well!