Looking at Silverlight adoption statistics (for fun)


These stats are purely for fun, digest these figures with a huge serving of salt! Smile

All these stats come from RIASTAT’s and I’ve pulled them from other people’s posts. There are other statistic collection sites that I also like to use, like StatOwl.

The stats collected are from ALL INTERNET CONNECTED DEVICES, even if Silverlight doesn’t work on that device e.g. Android, iOS etc. It basically sums up ALL devices that connect to the internet and detects if Silverlight is installed. It just so happens that the majority of internet connected devices are Windows OS’s hence the large Silverlight/Flash adoption.

As mobile devices increase I would expect the Silverlight and Flash stats to diminish, thou we aren’t seeing that yet. Which could mean that even thou mobile devices are increasing in adoption, so are PC’s and MAC’s.


NOV 2010

Silverlight Usage Statistics

reference: Post : Kelly White

Silverlight 2+3+4 sits around 54%

MAY 2011


reference: Post : Code Project

Silverlight 2+3+4 sits around 72%

JAN 2012


reference: RIASTATS January 2012

Silverlight 2+3+4 sits around 76%

Now if you look at just Windows 7 machines you see a bigger penetration of Silverlight.


Silverlight 2+3+4 sits around 86%

A huge percentage of Windows 7 devices have Silverlight, that’s is brilliant!!

And what’s even more exciting to see, the latest version of Silverlight 4 (85.4%) has a greater adoption than the latest version of Flash 11 (72.1%). Bare in mind Silverlight 5 only came out <1 month ago.

And with major movie studios demanding Silverlight to stream their content (eg. Netflix/LoveFilm in the UK require Silverlight) I do believe that Silverlight adoption can only go up (at least on the Windows & MacOS ecosystems that is)

Anyway as mentioned above these stats are just for fun, it shows that Silverlight adoption is still trending up  (NOT DOWN) and even if MS aren’t spending billions for Olympics streaming rights it’s still holding it’s own Smile

Go Silverlight !!!! Smile Smile

7 responses to “Looking at Silverlight adoption statistics (for fun)

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  3. What?
    It’s not dead?
    Wasn’t SL 5 supposed to be the last version?

  4. “Bare in mind Silverlight 5 only came out <1 month ago"

    this is because Silverilght automatically updates plugin
    so people who has installed Silverlight 4 after releasing of SL5 they automatically updated

  5. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the good work.

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  7. Would you have updated stats on this? riastats isn’t showing data.

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