I ❤ C# 2


This post follows on from my previous post “I ❤ C#” which discusses interesting recent MS jobs that mention a lot of Managed stack work at very low system levels.

It was pointed out to me that  the “Technical Strategy Incubation Team” has been in existence , that we know of, as early as April 2011 – post reference. Possibly even earlier …

What we know of that incubation team is that it consists of some Midori folks (Mary Jo Foley – Microsoft’s Midori: Who’s on the all-star roster? )

What we can’t directly link but definitely sounds related is that this team probably has A LOT to do with Redhawk including the bit’s we’ve found in Windows 8 (SLR100.dll / WCL*.dll) .. – (Mary Jo Foley – Microsoft codename ‘Redhawk’ lives… in Windows 8 )

What’s interesting with these latest job posts is the scope of the work the incubation team is now doing. Seems like the groundwork and foundation is now in place to build amazing managed features. Things like “structured storage” or “cloud solutions” are being mentioned as areas being built on top of this new radically re thought OS stack.

What’s also interesting is the explicit mention of radical rethinking of UI/UX frameworks and the associated graphics stack/pipeline by this team. Seems like a lot has happened under the covers that hopefully will be in the Windows 8 beta dropping in 2012 Q1 (JAN-MAR).

What’s also interesting is I have been closely following Windows 8 Server as well as System Center 2012 . I did a series of tweets that covered an MS Distinguished Engineer & Lead Architect “Jeffrey Snover ” discussing Windows Server 8 – Storage Solution (I recommend you watch the video)









Apparently the storage services are .NET services running in Windows Server 8, they have a wealth of cmdlets for automating them via WMIv2/PowerShell). I wonder if this at all has anything to do with the “Incubation Team” and their work with cloud storage, as well as the new strength of C#. – job reference structured storage subsystem

This Incubation Team has a lot of juicy managed work, I’ll keep my eyes out for news/jobs relating to them for a long time Winking smile

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