FlickrWinRT library now uses OAuth


In the previous post “FlickrNET library for WinRT” I turned the .NET library into a WinRT friendly one. However as pointed out by Tim Heuer I was using the FROB approach to authentication, where as the latest FlickrNET library on codeplex uses OAuth.

So I happily downloaded the latest FlickrNet library and turned that to WinRT and now we’re using OAuth Smile





Here’s the SAMPLE


Here’s how the process looks through screen captures

1. Click the “Request Authorization” and it will launch a URL to Flickr where an authorization token will be presented, we then copy that token to the clipboard.




2. Paste the “Authorization token” into the textbox of the app and click authorize. This will return us a “ACCESS TOKEN”


3. Use the ACCESS TOKEN to make API calls Smile




This was a quick post just to get the OAuth bits working for the FlickrWinRT library.

The next post will be about turning this FlickrWinRT .NET library to something Xaml/C++ &  HTML/JS can use.

3 responses to “FlickrWinRT library now uses OAuth

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  3. Hey…did you ever get around to modifying this for HTML5/JavaScript apps? I am working on a new app and that would really help out and save me some time. Thanks for the posts.

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