Memories of Longhorn !! :)

A new Win8 animation has popped up on the inter webs that show a tile animating to an open state by flipping in the z axis.

It’s uncanny how the same type of animation is used in the longhorn days Winking smile

Win8 is Longhorn reborn i tells ya !!!

Video of Win8 animation :


[referenced from tinypic link provided by MDL forums]


Video from 2003 of Longhorn :


It’s hard to believe that the bits out in the public (8102) is only version M3 (pre-beta) …

There is so much goodness in that longhorn video, just look at the live messenger integration in the right dock bar. I bet Win8 will get that in some shape or form Winking smile

So much to look forward to over the coming year!

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