Silverlight + Kinect = Apps of tomorrow

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If you know Silverlight then you need to get a Kinect and build Kinect enhanced Silverlight apps. Having spent the last 2 months doing this I can honestly say it’s changed the way I look at UI’s and UX’s!

Being able to interact with your app using only gestures changes everything, I always knew Kinect was amazing BUT once I started building Silverlight apps with only these gestures as input did I truly realize how life changing NUI was going to be.

I so dearly want to share the experience I’ve had with Kinect in Silverlight/WPF with all of you!

If your willing to listen I will walk you through how to get Kinect gestures into your Silverlight apps. You really need to start experiencing what it’s like to interact with your apps without a keyboard/mouse!

This is our goal:

  1. Create a Kinect enabled Silverlight app.

This is a video demonstration of what we’re going to build:

This is what you will need:

  1. Silverlight experience – your on your own here
  2. Kinect – you will need to purchase this
  3. Kinect drivers (uses OpenNI) – this will be provided for you
  4. Socket service – we will provide this for you
  5. WPF experience – not really required as all the pieces will be provided for you BUT it’s good to know incase you want to extend what Kinect gestures you want to support.

Lets begin ……..

Download all the bits

Installing the drivers

  1. Make sure your Kinect is disconnected while you install these drivers.
  2. You may also need to un-install any existing Kinect drivers you have installed in your PC. The drivers that come with this install are a certain version that the WPF wrapper needs. The source code for the WPF wrapper is included incase your adventurous enough to want to compile it to your own custom drivers.
  • Running the Socket Service – run it from the VS project, this at least guarantees all your references are intact.
  • Running the Silverlight demo app (this needs the socket service running from step 3)
  • Running the WPF Kinect app (this needs the socket service running from step 3)

Assuming all goes well you should have a Silverlight app that can listen to Kinect gestures from WPF via a Socket Service.

Over the next few days & weeks I will show you some really cool Kinect-Silverlight experiences. And what makes me the most excited is that we can now truly see the power of Silverlight, and that is it’s ability to quickly innovate & iterate your ideas & designs.

HTML5 will always be 2 steps behind Silverlight and for most people thats ok, BUT for me all I really care about are the apps & experiences of tomorrow. Hello Silverlight,  Kinect & 3D 🙂

Feel free to tweet me any questions if you have problems with the sample : @josefajardo . Or if you have messenger and want to chat through your problems reach me at

update 1 : If you are having problems with an error message that sounds simlar to this “Can’t create any node of the requested type” it’s worth trying these config files. Make sure you place them in the appropriate folders.

====== Important Credits ======

etihwddot :

I need to do a shout out to this guy who did alot of the hard work of getting Kinect drivers compiled to a nice dotnet consumable framework. I used alot of his code 🙂

29 responses to “Silverlight + Kinect = Apps of tomorrow

  1. Wow thankyou for sharing, I really wanted to start playing with Kinect in Silverlight but had no idea how to start. This is awesome!

  2. Paul Weterington

    I’m so excited that you’ve made this so easy for me. I’ve been trying to do this on my own and have failed miserably. Thankyou a million times over, now im off to start making Silverlight Kinect apps!

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  4. I appear to have the socket server running.
    I start the KinnectSilverlightDemo0001, the cmd windows changes to the below. I have an X: and Y: in the corners with no position info or video.
    After I successfully installed the drivers, and after pluging in the Kinnect a couple more drivers were installed from windows update. Is that correct?

    When I attempt to run the wpfKinectDemo I get
    “Can’t create any node of the requested type!” on this line
    m_context = new Context(@”data\openNI.xml”);

    11:07:01-> Policy Server listening on port 943
    11:07:01-> Chat Server listening on port 4520
    11:07:01-> Server Started
    11:07:54-> New Policy Connection Received
    11:07:54-> Received Request:
    11:07:54-> Sent Access Policy
    11:07:54-> New Chat Connection Received
    11:07:56-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:01-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:06-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:12-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:17-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:22-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:27-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:32-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:37-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:42-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:47-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…
    11:08:52-> Sending Keep Alive To Connected Sockets…

    • That doesn’t sound right that you had a request to update your drivers.. Make sure you’ve removed ALL previous “kinect” drivers from your installs as they may conflict with the ones that this needs.

      If you want help look me up on messenger :

      I’m happy to chat you through your problems..

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  6. Should there be USB device speed data in the data\openNI.xml file? I’m getting: “Unknown USB device speed!” XnStatusException in NuiSession.cs in the 4.WPFKinectDemo.

  7. Win 7 64 bit
    set targets to x86, they were auto
    Same error.

  8. I used the one in the .zip \KinectOlympics\1.Install Bits\Driver

  9. James Strathford

    I installed it and ran the sample, thankyou so much for the demo. How do you program your own gestures? Basically I want a circle gesture1

  10. a bit of sleep, some RTFM on the link you sent
    and then this download and install
    Success! Thank you Jose.
    I am using win 7 64 bit. Just curious what os and version are folks running that worked out of the box so to speak out of your original download?

  11. wow thanks Jeff for sharing.. sorry it was a tedious proces for you to get the kinect drivers working. I admit it was for me too, hopefully others that run into your issues can learn from your thread!

  12. Hi
    How can i debug kinect silverlight app ?
    and , what is keystone link?
    and , what for do you use keystone website ?

  13. please , answer my question

  14. I don’t understand. What is the value of running Kinnect through Silverlight if it requires a simultaneously running WPF process?

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