Rant – Mesh is going to be HUGE!

The last time I was excited about a new technology was about a year and a half ago with Silverlight, it was so new and fresh and offered such promise. I can now say, personally speaking, that the same things can be said about Mesh. It will ultimately redefine how we exchange, use and sync data online. It has the potential to be HUGE!

This post is nothing more than a personal rant about a technology that I believe will affect the world of RIA! To date we build alot of business RIA’s on top of the desktop, in the future that desktop will be intimately tied to the Mesh, in fact in some cases it may replace it! The rest of my rant can be found on my Cynergy blog, click the image below to get there!

11 responses to “Rant – Mesh is going to be HUGE!

  1. Totally agree Jose!

    I did a post about Mesh last week, and totally share your exitement. The only problem is that currently Live Mesh is only available in the US, so I can’t start playing with it my self yet….

    Hav you had a chance at seeing how the Web Companion can help us take Silverlight RIAs offline?


  2. That is great info Jonas, that is definetely something I and I know alot of people would be interested in! Gonna have to see what info I can dig up about that 🙂

  3. Cool – Let me know what you find. I’m trying to find a way to get access even tough I’m outside the US.

    I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. And thanks for the link your blog!

  4. What a great technology. Never heard of mesh till now, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Of course i was of the first 10,000 to receive the invite to Live Mesh even considering am in Mexico City, i had it at around the same time those at web 2.0 expo did


    You can access from anywhere in the world. you only need a invite and either US-Eng XP/Vista machine or Tweak your non US-Eng Xp/Vista with a little settings change to have live mesh running. 😀


    I have seen all the videos already, so i was glad to see that Live Mesh also acts in response to Prism and Google Gears in the Case of Silverlight Apps. with this and the guys at Linux getting Silverlight Desklets. there is simply no way someone can say Adobe got the upper hand because of AIR. not that they ever had it.

  6. Hey Avatar,

    Im not suprised your in the early testers list, let me know if your blogging your experiences because Id love to read what your experiencing and link to your articles from here. Alot of people are wanting first hand information of testers experiences.

    It is exciting times ahead, problem is there’s just so much to learn and not enough time to play 🙂

  7. @AvantarX: Thanks for the info. I’ll try to see if I can get access.

    @Jose: Just posted my dynamic video sample on my blog, linking back to a couple of your posts. It’s a simple example on things you can do with script commands encoded into the video.

  8. They said ‘HUGE’ right before the last crash.

    That same unstable and bloated approach will never ever produce nothing more than toys and candy.

    It has been that way for the past 100 years, and it will remain so until all the fat is trimmed from all the RIA junk.

  9. Adas, I look forward proving you wrong. Who says that RIA needs to be bloated, a RIA doesn’t mean it needs to be one large FLEX/Silverlight application. A mashup also qualifies as a RIA.

    Give me a couple of months to get out some samples then lets see if your predictions come true!

  10. Hei Jonas

    Indeed, this is probably the most significant thing to emanate from Redmond for quite some time. It will be interesting to watch it all play out.

  11. Your info is too great.

    Thanks to share

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