Silverlight & WPF, what it means to me!

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When I approach learning new technologies, such as Silverlight & WPF, the first thing I ask myself is “What problem is this new technology trying to solve!”. When I’ve found my answer to that first question I then ask myself “How is it solving this problem”. So let’s try to find out what problem Silverlight & WPF is trying to solve.

3 responses to “Silverlight & WPF, what it means to me!

  1. Wow, very inciteful post. I really liked your take on the Silverlight/WPF techologies. I’m like you in that I’ve been in .NET since it was born and coudn’t agree with you more! Congrats about Cynergy and looking forward to your next post!

  2. Really liked your take on this. Do you write professionally? I’m 3 years out of uni and I started picking up .net 2 years ago. Its been difficult and Ive still got along way to go. But I am starting early with Silverlight, just as you say Its better to pick it up now then in a couple of years time when its more complicated. Really like this article !

  3. Really nice take on the landscape. I often wondered too about windows forms based development and how it really was out dated.

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