We need to learn from Flash!

Sub Heading 5

I can sum up in 3 points why flash, to me, is amazing

1. Rich feature set – it’s currently at version 9, just imagine all the cool things that it must have because it’s 9 versions old. It’s had 9 versions to grow out it’s features, Silverlight has only had 1. [thanks Michael for making me reclarify this point]

2. Papervision – this open-source library exposes amazing functions that let’s you build truly captivating experiences in 2D & Fake 3D. Think Cover-flow :). If you don’t know about Papervision do a live search on it, this library is amazing.

3. Tweener – this open-source library let’s you build animations in a consistent way that is manageable. From experience a simple application may require hundreds of animations, one word comes to mind “Messy”. This tweener library brings order to this chaos! If you don’t know what tweener is do a live search for “flash tweener” and read up on it, it’s really amazing.

In my personal opinion if we Silverlight developers/designers are to build amazing, captivating applications we also need all 3 tools above.

So what is Microsoft doing regarding the 3 things above? I searched far and wide and this is what I found…


21 responses to “We need to learn from Flash!

  1. 1. something is cool cuz it’s 9 year old? I don’t think this is a good point..

    2. Papervision3D is amazying.. We definitely need that kinda thing in Silverlight. but alternatively, we can use WPF browser application. but I hope that MS will add 3D to SL but of course, it still should be cross-platform too.. 🙂

  2. yea point 1. came out wrong. I stand corrected 🙂

    Basically flash is 9 versions ahead of us, take it to mean what ever you want 🙂

  3. Great post, honestly can’t wait for the tweener library. I use it in my flash media files all the time it’s brilliant.

  4. Hey,
    There is a JavaScript version of Tweener which you can use with Silverlight 1.0. Check it out:

    JSTweener home:

    JSTweener examples for Silverlight:

  5. In my opinion, if you can find a way to get true 3d on a web application, you can’t fail. It’d have to be mainly polygons with minimal texture at first (kind of like papervision) I suppose, but I’d be the first to code my entire site for 3d.

    let me know 🙂

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  7. Congratulations on the new gig, Jose!

  8. It’s funny you bring this up. I’m torn and frustrated with the fact the SL animation [out of the box] is so elementary. I’m not bashing Microsoft or SL team, it’s just how it is for a new app. I want to go after a lot of sites to re do them in SL and there is no way I can compete with what it can be done with flash and it’s animations.

    I contacted Swishzone.com to see if they are planning to support SL and they said no.

    I think we need to create a SL community that we [developers/designers] put our talent/energy/design together and speed this thing up. It’s hart to sell a SL app if it doesn’t look as flashy as flash.

    Comments welcome to my point.

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  10. Thanks Adam I’m so excited to be able to do Silverlight / WPF 100% of my time 🙂 And they want me to continue posting probably at a faster rate.. good times ahead!

  11. What gig is Adam talking about? What did I miss?

  12. Im now a full time silverlight/wpf player at CynergySystems 🙂

    I decided that I love this too much to be doing other stuff so I bit the bullet and went to CynergySystems to grow Silverlight .

    Haven’t formally announced will be posting about it later as there’s too much going on right now (too secret to talk about) … shhhhh..

  13. OMG, Congrats buddy! So, what does that mean? You’ll be gone from here or are we going to see more stuff from you?

    That’s awesome!

  14. Heaps more posts shared between this place and my new blog at cynergy. Both blogs will be linked to each other so people will still be able to find me.

    Atleast now I’ll be dedicated to doing Silverlight and showing others the power of this amazing engine!

    I got so many things I want to build out that I could blog solid for a year and still have heaps to talk about 🙂

  15. Congrats jose, and i cannot wait to see what you come up with when silverlight 2 beta 1 hits.

  16. Theres so much to do in such a short amount of time.. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead 🙂

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