Flickr’s Multi-Picture Uploader done in SilverLight

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Update: I am in the process of re-writting this for Silverlight 2.0 beta. Stay tuned and keep checking back 🙂 

The current Flickr picture upload process is cool. It’s dead simple and makes multiple-picture uploading fun. The user experience is spot on and it really makes Flickr the killer picture sharing app that it is!

I’m going try to recreate it’s functionality using SilverLight!

Flickr’s Picture Upload Tool

Figure 1: Wizard page 1 – options to take for uploading pictures to Flickr


Figure 2: Wizard page 2 – choose the picture(s) to upload


[note: the pictures in the picture above are samples from my personal asset’s, I have selected them only for demonstration purposes]

Figure 3 : Confirm pictures for upload and begin upload by clicking “Upload Photos”.


Figure 4 : Upload process begins and the user is shown some simple cool animations showing the upload progress of each file.


Figure 5 : Upload is complete when all the files are grayed out and a tick appears against each.


The upload tool on Flickr goes further and allows you to tag the uploaded pictures. I’m going to leave that bit out!


Analysing the workflow of the Flickr upload tool you can easily see that the major component’s of the control are:

A) Multiple file selection tool (client side) – This control will allow the client to select multiple image files.

B) Client side storage of the selected files until the user explicitly clicks “Upload” at which point we upload the files to the picture server. There is the ability to delete pictures before sending to the server.

C) Progress indicator for each file as it is uploaded. This progress is in the form of a simple animation.


[my apologies for the hand drawn diagram, I’ve been typing so much recently I wanted to prove to myself that I could still physically draw]


1) User chooses pictures to upload using the “OpenFileDialog” class in SilverLight. This cool class allows you to multi-select pictures. [I have put in a limit of 8 files at any one time because I didn’t want to build a scroll area for the files list. Some future version will have a scrollbar that correctly allows you to select unlimited number of files.]


2) The upload control will be a fully encapsulated SilverLight control that sit’s on a web page

A) The upload control is a simple page.xAML with a container canvas that will house the list of selected images

B) This is the template usercontrol that represents a single selected image. It will by dynamically inserted into the container defined in (A) above.


3) The selected pictures need to somehow persist on the client browser until the user explicitly chooses to upload them. I want to use the “IsolatedStorage” features of SilverLight to do this. Basically the files chosen from (1) above are persisted into the isolated-storage until the user chooses to upload. Doing this allows me to get the file size and potentially manipulate the file prior to upload. The limitation is that the storage space is limited to 1mb. [For the purposes of the demonstration we will only allow uploads totaling 1mb per transmission]

4) The SilverLight control will send the image to a webservice over HTTP “POST” using the “BrowserHttpWebRequest” class. As an image uploads to the server an animation will play showing the progress of the upload (see diagram below).




This was a fun project that I learnt a lot from. Future SilverLight RIA applications, I believe, will make heavy use of the “IsolatedStorage” so definitely pick this skill up now people!

When SilverLight 2.0 comes out I’m hoping that there will be some cool new features that will allow me to do some simple client side image editing and manipulation. (cross my fingers)

To see the demo in action click the button below, you’ll need SilverLight 1.1 Alpha:


You can download the code here: Silverlight Multi-File Upload Tool.

And as always please send through your comments, I love a good conversation. And remember were all still learning so share what you can!

92 responses to “Flickr’s Multi-Picture Uploader done in SilverLight

  1. Sakthi Sai Saranyan

    Good Example

  2. Well done!

    More… 🙂

    Scott Barnes
    RIA Evangelist

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  7. Cool app… I would have expected something that was different from the standard Flickr UI, but it’s a nice tecnology proof of concept.
    But to which Flickr account is it uploading to?

  8. Hey Simone, it doesnt actually post to flickr yet. It is based on the flickr picture upload tool. It post’s to a custom webservice on the server but it’s easily extendable to push to flickr via that same web service.

  9. I can’t download :-< . I have to login to windows live , but it seems like it doesn’t work.

    Can you place it somewhere else ?

  10. Sirrocco, i’ve changed it from live’s skydrive to just the webserver. Try to download it now!

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  12. Nice to see the functionality applied to a real-world scenario.

    When doing samples for this stuff, as well as demos for MIX, one thing I used to do was simply hold on to the file references and open/read them as I uploaded the content – rather than storing them in isolated storage as an intermediate place… that ensured I didn’t bump into the 1MB limit (which btw, we’re fixing).

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  14. Thanks Michael,

    Nikhil completely agree that with you there. I did plan to store the images (streamed as strings) in an arraylist on the client’s end rather than in the IsolatedStorage(IS). And only throw the string stream(image) into the IS when i needed to do some file based manipulation.

    Will do this for a future version. Also nice to hear they are going to fix the 1Mb Isolated Storage limit. Would love it to be like Flash where you can set it via the clients config tool (right clicking context menu then ‘space’).

  15. Just a quick clarification – I wasn’t suggesting holding onto the contents of the files in memory, as that has the potential for shooting up the memory usage. Instead if you hold on to the file objects that the OpenFileDialog hands out, you can open the files as you need to do so, and essentially stream the bits to the server. If you’d like check the ajax uploader sample I did for TechEd Au/NZ( Anyway, this is a relatively minor point at this moment. The sample stands up well as-is to demonstrate the power!

    Stay tuned for the improvements in SL2.0 over the alpha in terms of isostore APIs – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

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  20. I am trying to develop this type of application for my website, which is based on php + MYSQL.
    Does this type of app require the user to download anything, or is it possible to implement this without having the user have to download.
    I am thinking along the lines of Ajax, Flash etc.
    Dont know if this is possible.

  21. Fahad this sample needs a downloadable plugin.. to achieve this same user experience from an ajax toolkit will be very very difficult! But I havent done much research on this so I cant say that with certainty. Goodluck

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  23. Now I am in this situation:
    (1) Large files to be uploaded (let’s say a few hundred MBs) that will easily exceed 1MB;
    (2) I may need to upload these files asynchronously ( save them at first and upload later without having to select the files again).

    Can’t find a good solution. Any ideas?



  24. Hi Kevin you should read John Galloways comment above. He discusses the issue of large files..

  25. Jane, you are right. John has a good post on that.
    Actually my situation is a bit complicated.
    (1) I can’t use any third party components;
    (2) Files to be uploaded are really huge. A few hundred MBs is very often. We are moving from standalone App to web app and this is becoming a big trouble;
    (3) I need to persist the file processing status. Usually after the user selects multiple files, the files will be uploaded to the server, and then each file will be processed on the server. Because the whole process is long and very likely to get errors, we need to let the user pick up the last state whenever he or she launches the browser again. That means, the user should not use the FileOpenDialogbox to select the files. Instead, the browser should be able to retrieve the files selected last time and their corresponding process status and then decide to continue uploading or processing.
    (4) Rich UI is required.

  26. Anybody sure that IS in SilverLight 2 will be configurable?

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  28. Hi,

    I downloaded your code but struggling to get it to work. I think its because I’m working in VS 2008 with Silverlight 2.0 beta. Any quick and easy way to get it running in my environment?

  29. Hi,
    I have VS 2008, Silverlight 2.0, and MS Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for VS 2008. When I open your project I have problems with the following references: System.Silverlight, System.xml.core and arg”something”.

    Any news….

  30. I am also facing the same problem…

    Its not working in VS 2008, Silverlight 2.0…

    Can anyone help plzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  31. sorry guys im trying to rewrite this in silverlight 2 beta 1 but its taking longer than expected. I hope to get this working in the next week (it really is hard to find the time to rewrite these samples, what did i get myself into 🙂 )

  32. Hello
    I really liked youre control and was therefore wondering how you are doing with the convertion to silverlight 2?
    Do you think you will have it out this week?

  33. 2 days already gone sir…

  34. wow… the pressure! 🙂

  35. no no…not at all… 🙂

  36. haha!!! Coffee reduces pressure!!

    I have converted Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 to Beta 2 and it is not always easy, the simplest tasks seem to be monumental. Keep us posted… Im excited to see what you can come up with…

  37. Any progress on the update to 2.0? I tried doing the conversion myself and I can’t say I was too successful. I’m looking forward to seeing a working conversion.

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  39. any progress…..

  40. awesome!
    looking forward to the update to 2.0beta!

  41. Hello,

    I download your project but i have a problem.

    ParserError- XamlReader.Load() does not support x:Class.
    File: FlickrPictureUpload.xaml, line 7 character 53.

    So i think x:Class attribute is not in Canvas.

  42. thanks!I’ll wait for it.:)

  43. Can you provide the code in 1.1? It seems the download lonk has been expired early this month.

    Thank you.

  44. Hi,

    I will try to do an uploader component and i find your article. Your componet seems cool and i want to learn with your example.But the link is broken 😦
    Can you provide your code in silverlight 2.0 beta 2 on an another place.
    Thank you

  45. Gawd you gotta love the web and how fulla shit it can be. There I was getting all excited for a momnent and bang!! it leads to parked domain… what a let down worse than my wife saying she’s got a headache.

  46. Hi

    The is not available, the site is down. So please let me know where i can download this code..?


  47. any news on silverlight 2.0 beta 2 code?

  48. Ive done a conversion of this for Silverlight Version: 2.0.30523.8 , im just wondering, does anyone know how to apply scrollbars for the list of files?

    By the way, if anyone wants a copy of the new version, just email me.

    And cheers!! to Liquid Boy for this great sample


  49. Jason: where can we email you?

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  52. Jason,

    Where can one email you for the updated code?

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  54. how can one obtain the 2.0 version

  55. Hi Jason, could you send me the code of this upload control?
    I’m trying things out in Silverlight, which really rocks, and your control would be of great help!


    Kind regards,


  56. Jason, do you have the code posted anywhere that you can share? Codeplex maybe?

  57. Hello,
    I was also wondering if you had any code examples? Especially for the server side web service that handles the upload.

  58. of Flickr there’s a cool Silverlight Multi-File Upload Tool for Flickr

  59. content.foxsearchlight.

  60. @Jason Gaylord , @Carlos , @timheuer ,
    and for anyone else who needs the code, email me at

    Once again, cheers to advertboy for this sample.

  61. Anyone know where to download the code? Would like to check out the project in the article. Trying to learn silverlight better. I emailed but didn’t get a reply. Thanks!

  62. Hello
    I can’t download the code !
    can you send it to my email?
    Thinks very much!

  63. pelase email me at

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