MasterCHEF – Mockup of the Launch / Loading Screen

fonts for the masterchefsubheading 2


This “Launch” screen will be the first interaction that the user will have with MasterCHEF, it needs to be a positive one.

From this one screen the user should experience Amazement, Joy, Satisfaction, Excitement.

The application should allow skinning with the default being the wooden theme. The wood should use the following grains:


The application should allow the work area to be resized (see picture below). This will allow larger monitors to make better use of the available real estate. Work area resizing is different to re-scaling of the components. I’ll leave the details of this functionality to the technical design phase


The purpose of this screen is to pre-load all important assets of the application, it will fake the feel of a desktop application.


The font to be used is “Arial Rounded MT Bold, Win 1252 Western“. It gives a nice finished quality to the overall look of the application.

fonts for masterchef 2 

This screen needs to load fast but at the same time showcase some of the cool capabilities of SilverLight, such as the ease of which animation can be created and scripted as well as the unlimited configuration and custimization of media elements. I don’t want to go overboard here but I do want to showcase this as a “RICH” Internet Application.

These are just quick thoughts that took me about an hour to mock up and conceive. After all the “mockups” are complete, and there will be many to come, the next step will be to collate them all into a single “style guide”

In my “iTunes Silverlight 1.1” project I skipped the mockup & style guide part because I based the design on the existing “Apple iTunes” application. For all my new projects I would always do these steps.

Time for a break… catch you soon!

6 responses to “MasterCHEF – Mockup of the Launch / Loading Screen

  1. Hi, thanks for source code. One bug – website project is incorectly referenced in solution (not loads after opening solution).

  2. Tersenyum ketika mendapatkan masalah adalah tanda bahwa kita kuat.

  3. You do not need to give up this time because you may just need to try one more time to be successfull Failures are your teacher Learn from them

  4. Masa lalu tidak selalu seperti yang Anda inginkan tetapi masa depan bisa didesain agar sesuai dengan keinginan anda.

  5. Jika anda mencintai seseorang jangan pernah membuat hatinya menangis meskipun hanya beberapa menit

  6. Jangan bersedih ketika melakukan salah Karena kesalahan kita banyak belajar karena kesalahan kita menjadi pintar

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