A SilverLight Cooking Application (Master CHEF) – the beginning

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I’m about to embark on a long and exciting journey similar to the iTunes project where I will recreate a cooking application from ground up (using SilverLight 1.1).

I’m going to base my application from a screen shot of a cool looking cooking application that I came across on my web travels.

There is a cool mac site that has a competition where people submit ideas for there dream application MyDreamApp. Over the course of a couple of months (on a weekly basis) the community votes on each application, and every couple of weeks the application with the least votes is eliminated. It’s a brilliant concept and it’s just cool to see how each application evolves over the 3 months. (I’m addicted to this site and the survivor concept)

This screen shot is of a cooking application that won the previous competition. It’s been sitting in limbo waiting for the assigned development team to build it. It’s taken so long for the developers to deliver anything that I’ve decided to build it myself in SilverLight.

I’m going to spend the next couple of post’s getting feedback from all of you on the screen shots, PLEASE PLEASE send through your comments on what you would love to see in this application.

Figure 1: Mockup of the main screen of the cooking application


 Next posting will be about the first set of screens for this application. I’ll mockup the screens based on the above design in Photoshop. Your feedback on the design of the screens and the features to build into the application will be invaluable, so please don’t be afraid to voice up!

This is going to be one cool looking cooking app!

By the way I’m going to call this application “MasterCHEF” 🙂

PS. All my other projects will not be neglected, I will continue to post to them as time permits! (And I try to make a lot of time available to my SilverLight passion)

11 responses to “A SilverLight Cooking Application (Master CHEF) – the beginning

  1. I am like looking cartoon the new person, comes to see your article today, can be the friend with me?

  2. This app looks like it would be great. I loved the idea when it was on MyDreamApp, but wasn’t aware that it won. It’s too bad that it’s just sitting there, waiting to be developed. Kudos for taking the idea on yourself! The mock up looks fantastic.

  3. Combining my two passions – Silverlight and cooking – this application is going to rock! The UI looks great… can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  4. It would be really cool to have dynamic scaling or display settings for standard or wide screen TV use as well. Ie big fonts etc..

  5. Do you by chance, know of any quality online food services? I am starting to order all my food online because of various reasons. (Health being one of them) So far I have found 2 services, Fresh Dining (an LA company) and Celebrity Foods, but you have to call them so they can talk to you about your need. I would really like any suggestions that you may have, so I can widen my list of quality places online where I can order healthy food from.
    Thank you and have a great night or day…depending on when you read this. LOL!!!!

  6. Guess who just brightened up my day? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  7. I’d love it if you could incorporate functionality to help people like my wife who have severe food allergies. Maybe something like ingredient substitution suggestions base on a user profile with a list of food allergies.

  8. Hi Jose;

    Every time I see something new from you, I get blown away. Now it’s time to teach us (or at least me) a little…

    Ok, I love the detail work on this mock up of this main screen of the cook book. Questions:

    a) Is this done in Photoshop?

    b) The elements (like buttons, slider, the background wood, the cabinet lights (I love those), and etc), are these real components or you just drew them to create a design look?

    c) Did you design this from your own vision or did you have a reference to get idea from?

    d) Are you planning to do this in SL 2.0?

    This is a very, very clean design!

  9. Hi Ben,

    The quick answer to your question is that no I didnt come up with this design (thou i wish i did). At the beginning of my post i mentioned that this design was the winner of a design competion that spanned a couple of months.

    It is very clean and i plan on recreating it as best i can with every detail intact (including the lights, i too am in love with them).

    The wood grain is very difficult to get right and im currently trying to design it in such a way that it is themeable (so that someone can change the look to a metallic silver if they dont like the wooden look)

    I am doing my own mockups of this design using Photoshop (which i will share) and i plan on building it in Silverlight 1.1 (and soon 2.0 when it is released)

  10. Hi Jose;
    Sorry I had missed the part where you mentioned the art work was from someone else. But look at it this way, that art work looked as if you did it… 😉

    Anyway, I’m sure you can replicate it too. I was thinking about the wood area, trying to do it with vector graphics than using bitmap. Are you planning to do it in Design and Blend?

    Can’t wait to see your progress!

  11. Hey Jose,

    Some key features I would request are the abilities to print very nicely layed out Recipes, the ability to scale the ingredients for different portions, and the ability to do weekly menu planning. My wife and I plan our menus every weekend, and shop accordingly.

    With this app I would suggest the ability to make recomendations for food based on tags, or based on what you have not scheduled recently.

    My wife runs a cooking site at http://cook.melandkarl.com and I am sure she would be happy to contribute articles for a sample database if you need them. I think it is important that you also allow for integrated pictures with the recipes, not simply along side, so that your directions can reference inline pictures.

    Shoot me an email at karl at mel and karl.com (removing the spaces obviously) and I’d love to talk more about helping you with this.



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