Silverword – a prototype in the making

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need silverlight 1.1 alpha refresh

My approach to this project is going to be different to the iTunes one. Because of the nature of the original application “Buzzword” I am going to make Silverword a SilverLight only application (as opposed to mixing SilverLight elements with html/Ajax elements on the same base html page) that resizes to fill the entire browser real estate.

I’ve spent about 2 days dissecting Buzzword and working out how to make things work in SilverLight. The prototype that I’m about to show you is only half done but it has many elements that are worth talking about.

Without further adjure here is the link to the prototype for Silverword. It will form the basis of many future post’s, there are many elements in this prototype that still need working out and building, please be patient as it evolves over the following weeks.

SILVERWORD LOGIN – My SilverLight prototype of the cool Buzzword application begins with a login screen, most of the login page is just eye-candy but eventually It will allow text entry into the text areas and integrate with some authentication service. For now just click on the “sign in” button to proceed to the desktop.

SILVERWORD DESKTOP – This is the main work area, here you see the documents that the user has access to. The prototype demonstrates some important points regarding what needs to be built for this application. It shows the need for some common controls like

1) listitem – which in the picture represents a single document

2) top menu

3) context menu – which represents the menu associated to a document

4) toolbar menu – which displays buttons in a horizontal format, can be seen sitting under the top menu

5) button – can be seen at the bottom left “share” button

SILVERWORD DESKTOP 2 – This is another screen shot showing another framework element that will need to be built, the dialog/popup window (modal/non-modal).

My next post will take you through the beginnings of this prototype, the actual SilverLight application canvas and how it resizes to take the full size of the browser real estate. Future post’s will walk thorough each of the elements defined above, the goal is to create some sort of framework of controls that we can reuse across the application.

The prototype will continually evolve over the following days and weeks so keep checking it out!

The link to the sample site is here : SILVERWORD

As always here is the accompanying SOURCE CODE, enjoy and stay tuned for the next posting.

17 responses to “Silverword – a prototype in the making

  1. Hello Liquid Boy,Congratulations, my question is whether you have thought as to emulate the editor documents? , It seems to me almost impossible to emulate right now with SilverLight. I am creating a similar project is not as ambitious as yours and my problem is the editor of document

  2. Microsoft will provide some silverlight controls very soon and i’m hoping that they will include some form of “rich textbox (RTB)”

    If MS don’t provide a RTB, a fellow silverlight enthusiast and me quickly brainstormed the design for one (verbally only that is), we believe that it’s possible to build right now with SilverLight 1.1 but it will be very complicated.

    I will attempt to build one in the very near future as part of SilverWord, if anything it will be a cool challenge!

  3. so I would be very supprised if they included a rick textbox in the bits. Keep in mind how much of the full .net clr is wrapped up in text. Then think about how small the agclr needs to be. My guess is this wont be there but who knows 🙂 But yah, creating one w/ the current bits is very possible, and very difficult to support the richness you really need. But isn’t that part of what makes it fun.

    One of the hardest things to figure out… is how localized you want it to be / support… Think about how hard it will be w/ english… then think about it w/ say hebrew.

    looking good

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  5. Mircrosoft has no thought RTB provide a short deadline for version 1.1. It is a complicated project. You upload your project CodePlex? I would like to help you do

  6. very cool indeed but until UNICODE fonts and true RTL (right to left) support both projects are POC at best.
    due to technology limitations , this will be available only in future versions of flash and silverlight.

    again very cool.

  7. Oscar: Ill upload the project soon, just need to iron out some kinks. Also thanks for offering to help out!

    Daniel: Thanks for clarifying the unicode & RTL issues. I was already aware of those and definetely a big hurdle. I know it’s gonna be a hard thing to achieve, buzzword like functionality in silverlight, but im up to the challenge, i want to see how far i can go with this.

    ps. ive seen some of the amazing 3D engines that are being built around silverlight, fuels me to think outside the square!

  8. that is some crazy ‘ish’

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