Blend candy – have a drink on me!

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I’ve started actively posting again, as if you haven’t noticed! I’ve been dead busy at work but have now forced myself to make time for my SilverLight passion!

I’ve got so many small SilverLight projects running in parallel, and the reason for that is simply “I need to work on a variety of different task’s otherwise I lose interest and end up just playing with my xbox360 or PS3”. So this posting is about exercising my creative juices, I’m going to play with Blend and xAML!

For those not on Facebook there is a cool application, useless thou, that let’s you send drinks to your friends. They let you choose from a selection of dozens of drinks. The app is called “Booze-mail”. Below is a quick picture of some of the drinks available.

I’ve long since had this vision of making xAML’s of these drinks, then animating them. The goal was to create a SilverLight version of this application with killer animations.

The task at hand wasn’t difficult but rather time consuming. It’s not hard to make the drinks, there’s just so many of them! None the less I still think having an asset library of drinks in xAML will be valuable in the near future!

So here are the first 4 drinks from which I can derive most of the others! From left to right (Singapore Sling, White Russian, Whiskey, Vodka)

The source code for all the drinks (and future drinks) can be found here:

And you can see the other Blend Candy assets here: Blend Candy

As always, enjoy and remember to share what you can!

One response to “Blend candy – have a drink on me!

  1. i would like to make my drink list. i like your drinks picture. would you help me ,please? thankyou.. somchai

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