Project SilverLight 1.1 – Officially moves out of Prototype and into Development

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Just a quick posting to say that I’ve officially moved my iTunes project out of “Prototype” and into “Development”

I’ve uploaded the source code for the first release of the development code into CodePlex, and overtime I will update it with future versions.

This is what you can expect from the source code:

1. Expression Blend C# controls for
a) MediaPlayer
b) MediaDisplay
c) MediaView

2. Basic architecture for how SilverLight controls communicate with the base page and vice versa (via a _pageController class)

3. Deep integration with lockers. This allows true online music player features. A locker is free and allows you to store up to 1GB of music online and has a staple of free music available. The current version of the code-base has a demo account so that you can see what a locker is and what content is available.

4. Use of a proxied webservice to communicate with third parties and to deliver a true desktop like user experience, no full page refreshes here!

Please be cautious that the code is constantly changing, it’s consistently being re-factored every day and I’m always adding new features. I’m a strong believer of getting stuff out quickly to capitalize on the inertia of short term public interest. The web needs quick coders to meet the demands of today’s greedy web consumers 😉 [me being one of them]

Enjoy and as always please send through your feedback!

Here are some snaps of the current version of the development code.

1. (above) I have spent time cleaning up the UI and making it more production ready. In this snapshot you see a real track downloaded from the MP3Tunes service and the song actually streaming (see the media display panel at the top)

2.(above)Here you see the online store  “” loading within the iTunes SilverLight application. I have added a new type of feature called “inline pages” where you can load into the main container any type of existing web page. This gives the iTunes application a new level of customization that it previously never had!

3.(above) The viewer silverlight control allows you to maximise the main content area for specific purposes, in this case the cover art to take the full space available.

4.(above) Here you see the wooden theme in action. Really takes the web application to another level when you see how easy it is to customize the look and feel like this!

To see the application in action go here, it’s running on a spare server i have so it may be slow. I am currently investigating purchasing a dedicated server for all my work but that cost’s money so please be patient when waiting for the pages to load!

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