Project SilverLight 1.1 – project restarted

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Just a quick head’s up that I’ve restarted the development of the iTunes like SilverLight 1.1. Application.

I stopped for a while due to concerns with legality of the application but seeing as I built it from ground up I was told by some of you guys that it was all legal!

So just letting you all know that I’ve updated a version of the demo to the latest version. I’ll update the source code this weekend BUT if you have a chance check it out… there has been some cool development on my part!

1) I’ve integrated into the application – in the playlist’s there is an MP3Tunes demo locker that contains some DRM free music I found on their site! You should be able to see the playlist and even choose a song to play!

2) I’ve developed the “Media Player” control as a C# SilverLight usercontrol – it plays the song from MP3Tunes

3) I’ve developed the “Media Display” control as a C# SilverLight usercontrol – it displays the status of the selected and/or playing song.

4) Theres the concept of a controller class that all silverlight controls communicate thru via the container webpage.

 All up it’s starting to take shape into a cool, fully online, SilverLight music player/application.

Future post’s will go into more detail as to how i created the 4 above mentioned pieces.

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