Apples "Accordion" control done in SilverLight

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Apples “Accordion” is a simple yet powerful web site widget that makes great use of limited space. It’s just cool!


So how it works is as you hover over the text the associated panel with an image slides down. It’s a very simple animation that leaves a fullfilling feeling within the end user.

So this is my SilverLight version of the accordion: (click the picture to see the demo in action)


My control downloads the images in the form of a zip package. It uses storyboard animations for the sliding effect and it uses a callback mechanism to the underlying html web page for the navigation postbacks.

To see this control in action with all the other controls go to my demo page.

The source code can be found here.

8 responses to “Apples "Accordion" control done in SilverLight

  1. hey. I work on my MacBook, and well I tried to use your Accordion version and it doesn’t work. I have SilverLight downloaded but none of your files for it open right.

    Well, I hope you know what the problem because your stuff looks really cool. I would like to use it if I could.

  2. Hey Gary, a couple of people have said that so im going to check it out. It uses’s SilverLight Version 1.1 REFRESH. Can you make sure you have that version installed, i should make it more clear in the top of the pages what version it’s for.

    I just have to get someone with Safari browser to let me do some trouble shooting on… I’ll update you!

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  4. Just wondering what is the status of the 2.0 retooling of this control?

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