Apples "SlideShow" can turn any web site into a masterpiece

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Apples web site, a couple of versions ago, had what I call a “SlideShow” control. It was on the home page and it would show a slideshow of enthralling pictures of Apples products and people using them. It was nothing short of amazing! I could just watch those slides for hours.

Below is a picture of Apple’s home page and where the slide show was positioned.


The slideshow would slide between several pictures all very smoothly without the slightest hint of network lag. Not only did it slide pictures in and out but it allowed links and text over the pictures, ultimately it felt like a story unfolding before your eyes.

I wanted to recreate that same control using SilverLight. I plan on using two images, one in view and the other hidden whilst it loads a picture. For the actual mechanism of loading the picture I envision using the downloader controller and a timer to start the downloading.

The slideshow will have 2 animations to slide the images from right-to-left or left-to-right.

The SlideShow control I created was simple in design, it is only version 1 and in future versions it will have more animations and features. But for now it delivers the experience I’m looking for. [click the picture to see the live demo]


I was planning on placing a media element somewhere on the bottom right of the parent canvas and load in a cool movie. This would stay stationary whilst the background images slide around. I plan on building this functionality when I finally create my Blend web site.

This “SlideShow List” control forms part of a bigger project called the “Blend Candy – Web site”. The goal of this project is to provide you with many cool controls that you can mix and match to create an unbelievable web site. Currently there are 3 controls in this project, download the source for this control and the other 3 controls here (

To see all the controls in action go to this demo page.

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