Apple’s "rotating marquee" done with SilverLight

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Simple in design and blends so well with the rest of the Apple site. I decided to create a SilverLight version of this control.

Here’s a screen shot of the control from Apple’s web site.


As can be seen from the picture above it is very simple in functionality. There’s nothing complicated about it but it delivers the basic requirements of a marquee tool.

So will this be overkill as a SilverLight application? I don’t think so because I envision creating a fully immersive version of the “marque control” complete with awe inspiring animations in the way only SilverLight can do. Eventually it will be an amazing user control 🙂

The messages are hard-coded within the SilverLight control but it’s easy enough to retrieve them from an XML file or a database. In some future version, when I use it for my web site, I’ll retrieve the messages from a webservice potentially “Astoria”.

Here’s my version of it [click on the actual picture to see the demo in action]


It makes use of an internal timer and 2 animations. The animations “fade in” and “fade out” the messages.

This control forms part of a bigger project called the “Blend Candy – Web site”. The goal of this project is to provide you with many cool controls that you can mix and match to create an unbelievable web site. Currently there are 3 controls in this project, download the source for this control and the other 2 controls here (

7 responses to “Apple’s "rotating marquee" done with SilverLight

  1. Can I get the latest code Silverlight 1.1 for the Product Slider.please give the link.

  2. it’s in the “Beautiful Website” area, at the top of this page there are links that take you to the main projects i am working on

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