A beautiful "menu" in the likeness of Apples web site

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Apple has an amazing web site. I continuously go back to it to marvel at the beautiful design. There are so many features on their site that I just love, one being the “top menu”.


What I wanted to do was replicate the same type of menu but using SilverLight. I want it to be a fully functional control that upon menu click called a JavaScript function in the base page, this was so that I can wire up the event to a non-SilverLight event or to another SilverLight control.

After a lot of toiling, mainly around the wiring up of the C# code to the xAML elements, this is the result: [Click on the image to go to the sample to see it working]


I took great care in the look of the xAML elements, making sure the correct visual experiences were maintained in comparison to the apple menu bar.

Each menu item call’s back to the html page calling a JavaScript function. The search box also call’s back to the underlying asp.net page raising a JavaScript function.

All up it was a great learning experience, now I have a fully functional ready to use apple style menu 🙂

Eventually I want to use it in some future web site of mine, if I ever want to turn this blog into a web site that is!

This control forms part of a bigger project called the “Blend Candy – Web site”. The goal of this project is to provide you with many cool controls that you can mix and match to create an unbelievable web site. At the time of writing of this post there is only 1 control in the project, download the source here (BlendCandy-Website.zip)

There are other features from Apples site that I also want to build in SilverLight, stay tuned as I build them and give them away for free! Remember “it’s better to give then to receive”!

9 responses to “A beautiful "menu" in the likeness of Apples web site

  1. some instructions on how u did this would be nice

  2. the apple sites are smootha and slick. good for sales and lead captures. thanks for the post, i’ve felt the same for a while.

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