SilverLight Timers, what to use?

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1. HtmlTimer is deprecated and not very reliable (incase you want to use it here is the basic code to get it working

Silverlight Timer - using the HtmlTimer 
2. System.Threading.Timer. Not really an option because there’s no way to marshal it’s callbacks back onto the UI thread

3. Storyboard in XAML and wired a handler to its Completed events. I used the inline event on the xAML instead of wiring up the event in code because it wasn’t behaving properly.

SilverLight Timer using a storyboard

7 responses to “SilverLight Timers, what to use?

  1. Hi,
    Yor forgot about “DispatcherTimer ” which I think is much better to count time. 🙂



  2. System.Threading.Timer may be used you merely have to make a cross thread call to access the UI thread. To do this do the following:

    this.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(new Action(TheSubtaskToCall)));

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