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Came across a great article talking about China’s cloning industry and how it’s transitioning to a legitimate economy. It was a great article that describes the dark world of cloning, was definitely an eye opener.

The whole iPhone cloning is just an introduction to a greater point. The article is saying that China is going through the same transitional period as Japan in the 70’s and Korea in the 80’s, where their industry moves first from shoddy clones, to quality clones, and then finally to legitimate original products. Look at Japanese and Korean products now. The interesting thing, as the article points out, is that China’s gone through most of this change in just 10 years–faster than Japan or Korea ever did.

The article talked about 3 possible clones:  miniOne, P168, HTC’s. The video is of P168 clone, in my opinion it looked pretty bad, but none-the-less it was a sign of things to come.

I personally don’t like apple’s original iPhone, very limiting in it’s version 1 design’s. I as a consumer am open to purchasing any product that meets my financial and personal needs. If the iPhone cost’s over 800 Aussie dollars, that’s where I’m from, then I’ll resort to a cheaper no-named brand. Much like shopping for food.

The popularity of the open-source movement is based on the same premise. If there’s a software product that’s cheaper but delivers the same functionality then people will naturally flock to it. Of course there are other factors at play that may be an equally important reason for moving across such as revolutionary features etc but, in my opinion, the main reasons are cost based.

Read the article here

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