Rant: Links that open in new windows

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Every web application I have ever designed I have always steered clear of links opening in new browser windows. And when I had no option in the matter I coded it such that the child window that popped up was always smaller than the parent (so the user can still see the parent in the background thus NOT causing disorientation).

When I go to a web site and click on links that force new browser windows to open, sorry for the language, I get the ” S#!t’s ” !

Why are web sites so afraid of the user leaving their web site. If they had done a half decent job in building up content and designing good usability then users will always come back .

This blog, and all my other web sites, never force new windows to open. If the user chooses to go to an external link, a link directed at a web page on another web site, then I’ll abide by there wishes and push them to that new web site.

In my application “Project SilverLight 1.1”, if I can help it,  will NOT open up new windows. In the cases where it has to it will open up in a smaller sized window positioned center to the parent.

Well that’s my 5minute rant.

Oh and this weekend my first set of post’s for the “build” part of the “Project SilverLight 1.1” will be released. Stay tuned for those!

5 responses to “Rant: Links that open in new windows

  1. I’vealways wondered how people can be so creative and intelligent that they can create beautiful things, but use an apostrophe in plural words, and always use “there” instead of “their”.

    You have a great project running, but your grammar is annoying. Doesn’t this eventually translate into broken code from typos?

  2. Yes i admit my gramar leaves alot to be desired. What is the proper use of “there” vs “their” ? Tell me once and i’ll ensure future use of the word will be correct 🙂

  3. This bugs me too, so I’ll chime in.

    there = a position. “It’s over there”
    their = possessive of they. “their wishes”
    they’re = “they are”

    Oh, and it’s “grammar” 🙂

    Keep the good content coming!

  4. many thanks, you made it very clear! I’ll endeavour to use the correct grammar from now on!

  5. Isn’t that a little silly, to avoid opening new windows, especially when it links to external content. That’s the primary purpose of a popup, it’s supposed to signal to the user that they’re leaving your site and going to another one. If the content loads in the same page as your website (without any kind of notification that they’re leaving your site), you’re just going to confuse your visitor, and a confused visitor is unlikely to return.

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