Blend Candy – It’s begun …

Sub Heading 5

Hi all,

So i finally started uploading my “Blend created” goodies into the “Blend Candy” area.

Over time ill be uploading my xAML’s and graphic assets to that area for you all to rip and abuse. If you do use any of the assets please mention me somewhere in your app, just courtesy 🙂

I also hope to add an uploads feature that will let anyone upload there own cool blend candy for inclusion in the “blend area”.

Happy Blending…..

[update: the “Blend Candy” area link can be found at the top of the page just under the banner. It’s actually a link right next to the “Project Silverlight 1.1” link. I’ll look at adding a new right navigation area for my projects, to make it easier for people to find.] 

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2 responses to “Blend Candy – It’s begun …

  1. am i missing something? where is the blend candy area?

  2. it’s at the top of the page under the banner. It’s a menu option. I’ll look at adding it on the right navigation side as well!

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