Project SilverLight 1.1 – Intermission – Making it work with the Release Candidate (Silverlight RC)

SubHeading 6

What did i have to do to get the source code working with the latest Release Candidate (RC)? These were the simple steps i followed!


1) Update my js/silverlight.js file with this RC version ( contains only the silverlight.js file)


2) checked off every breaking change from this document (Breaking Changes in the RC) and ensured i made the relevant changes in my xaml and javascript calls. Below I’ve identified the most common changes i needed to make to the xaml and createsilverlight.js files.

a) remove all “sys.” references in your javascript code that refers to silverlight code . In my case it was all found in the createsilverlight.js include. e.g. instead of sys.Silverlight.createObject i now only call Silverlight.createObject.

b) all calls to the Silverlight.createObject method needs to have properties with values true converted to the string value of ‘true’. e.g.  before isWindowless:true , after isWindowless:’true’

c) the new silverlight version is “1.0“. Anywhere in your javascript code, mine was all in the createsilverlight.js, where you call Silverlight.createObject you need to pass in a version of “1.0” instead of “0.9”. eg. before version:’0.9′ , after version:’1.0′

d) can no longer use ‘\’ in uri’s. So everywhere in my xAML’s where i had an image source i had to replace the ‘\‘ with a ‘/‘.

e) visibility=”Hidden” is now visibility=”Collapsed”

There were other changes but they were the main ones that affected me. Make sure you check the “breaking changes” document to make sure your code works with the Release Candidate version.

Here is the updated source code which is optimized for the release candidate 1 (RC1). It will work with either 1.0 or 1.1 version.

Entry point is JF000016.aspx (JF000016.ZIP)

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