Project SilverLight 1.1 – General Rant – Q & A

Sub Heading 5 

I have been getting alot of great emails from people, keep sending them please!!! I’ve also been asked many questions alot of which are the same. Here is a common question asked by many

“Where am I in my project, and how long is it going to go for?” 

So here is my answer to the above…

This is a quick roundup of where im still yet to go with this project

a) “prototyping”

i) control (1) – top menu

dropdown menu that will be built using ajax control toolkit

ii) control (2) – top header

simple html control that will show the name of the application

iii) control (12) – footer feedback

simple html control that will provide html markup of the current status of the application (like a status bar)

iv) downloader control

need to prototype a downloader so that media elements (like album covers) can be downloaded in the background whilst the user is doing something else 

b) “project planning” phase

i) initial draft

ii) detailed drilldown

c) “technical design” phase

i) clarification

ii) documentation

d) “development” phase

i) task driven development

ii) unit testing of task

iii) documentation of tasks

Their is still a while to go till my project is completed. I would say that there’s at least a week till we begin development.

I hope you persist and stay with me on this journey. From my perspective it’s been an enjoyable learning experience and i truly hope all you visitors have learnt or are enjoying the the journey with me

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