Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 11 – wireframe page cleanup

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In this posting i want to clean up the wire-frame page. I want to make it look more like iTunes than a wire-frame.

I’ve completed most of the silverlight controls and i really want to reward the effort by making the wire-frame more visually pleasing (which is the fun part of this project).

So the first step is to get the metallic grey look of iTunes. To do that ill take snippets of background from the actual iTunes itself. Below in red are the snippets that i have taken.

a) used for the background for the main toolarea bkgmain

b) used for the background of the top toolbar  bkgtop

c) used for the bottom statusbar bkgbottom

iTunes Background

Taking these backgrounds i wired them up to the wireframe using a style(“background-image”) notation.

Below is a sample of code for one of the backgrounds:

background notation

After plugging in the 3 backgrounds and setting the unfinished controls to black this is the end result.

silverlight itunes

As you can see it is definetely taking shape. And i still can’t get over the fact that everything you see on the page is 100% scriptable. I have full control to customize every component on the page, thanks to silverlight.

If you want to see the live wireframe please go here (wire frame).

If you want to download the source code to see how it’s done then go here (JF000009.ZIP) the entry point is the web page JF000009.aspx

The next couple of controls are going to be very interesting, the remaining controls are all difficult especially the flowing album covers silverlight control. I’ll see you soon !

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