Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 10 – MinMax Control + StatusBar Controls

SubHeading 6

I can’t believe im onto my 10th post. It’s been a damn educational road so far, and i have to admit i am pretty comfortable with Blend at the moment, i feel so at ease now with it’s simple features!

In this post i will create 3 controls the top right control “MinMax” control. And the 2 controls that sit on the status bar, i’ve called them “Left Bottom Buttons” and “Right Bottom Buttons”. I know there pretty bad names but they’ll do for now.

This is what those buttons look like from iTunes.

iTunes “minMax” control top right 1

iTunes “bottomLeft” control bottom left 1

iTunes “bottomRight” control bottom right 1

I know that the names of the controls are really bad but right now im feeling brain drain so they’ll have to suffice.

Below is the result of 20mins playing in blend.

silverlight “minMax” control ctl 1 

silverlight “bottomLeft” control ctl 3

silverlight “bottomRight” control ctl 2

And here is some screen shots of the controls in blend.

blend control 1

blend control 2

blend control 3

This is the screen shot’s of the wire frame pages with the 3 new silverlight controls.

All up the 3 silverlight controls took about 40 mins to create and plug into the webpage. Mind you they are very simple controls with no wireing yet (by wireing i mean event handles etc)

Here is a snapshot of the wireframe with the new silverlight controls.

control 7

If you want to see the live wire frame with all the latest silverlight controls then go here (wire frame).

If you want a copy of the source to see how badly i code then download this zip file ( and the entry point is JF000008.aspx

One response to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 10 – MinMax Control + StatusBar Controls

  1. The Track and Status bar controls can create interactive and attractive user interfaces and build the progress bar, scroll elements, track bar, and waiting bar, etc. for their Windows Forms applications.

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