Project SilverLight 1.1 – General Rant – Q & A


Hi everyone… i have to admit im more excited now than when i first started this project.

SilverLight is living up to everything it promised, actually more so!

This post is just a general rant because i’ve had numerous emails asking me the same types of questions


Q1: How much silverlight did you “actually” know before this?

Q2: What is a normal day for you whilst learning this technology?

Q3: How much ajax stuff do you know?


A1: Before starting this project (exactly 1 week ago) i had a total of  about 1 hour’s knowledge and most of that came from news articles. Honestly once i sat down and committed myself to learning SilverLight, via this project, it shocked me how easy it was to pick up. All you need to be is a decent DHTML programmer, that and have an ok eye for graphics, after all silverlight is all about eyecandy aka “blendCandy”. Actually i like that term “BlendCandy”, im going to create a section devoted to “BlendCandy” on this site! 🙂

A2: Just so that people understand how intense this project has been i’ll list for you what a typical day has been (mind you this project has only been alive for exactly 1 week)

[typical day is 7am rise 3am sleep]

1) Get up and prepare for paying work – 7am to 8am

2) Leave for paying work- 8am

3) actually performing my paying job – 8.30am to 6-7pm

4) get home from paying job – 7.30pm

5) start coding and blogging on “project silverlight 1.1”- 7.30pm

6) get some food but eat infront of computer – 8.30pm-9pm

7) finish coding and blogging – 1am

8 ) catch up on the blogsphere and recent web news – 1am to 3am

9) go to sleep 3am

I’ve made the sacrifice to put in the hard hours now while this technology is young, “get in the ground level” sort of thing.

A3: Before i answer this question i want to make it clear that i’ve found that over the last week knowledge of ajax isn’t as important to learning SilverLight as i first thought. You can learn SilverLight and not know anything about ajax at all, SilverLight is good in that it will indirectly teach you by nature of it’s design (it’s architecture is based on ajax principles, that and other things ofcourse)

Ok to the actual answer… I know ajax very well, i’ve been in the space way before it was called ajax. I began long ago with an implementation of an ajax library created by the venerable Schwartz. Since those days i’ve played with numerous other frameworks and toolkits to current day (microsoft’s implementation of ajax). 100% of ajax stuff i use on a day-to-day basis is found on .

Well that’s it and keep sending your emails and writing your comments, i am definetely grateful for the support some of you are giving me.

And the next post will arrive shortly, it’s the grid control and believe you me it’s gonna be a hard one to build!

3 responses to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – General Rant – Q & A

  1. Holy sh!t – I dont think i would function on 4 hours sleep!! I dont know how you manage that – respect.

    It depends how long my day at work is – but sometimes i go home and my head is physically numb and drained – i dont even want to look at the PC when i get in. Its a shame there aren’t more hours in the day or days in the week!

    Im enjoying reading this blog mate – only found it today via Scott Gu’s blog (who is equally as impressed by the sound of it).

    You have inspired me to pick Silverlight up again now now – i looked a while back but left it as it looked extremely flaky at the MSDN events – and a long way from being able to use it at work – had other fish to fry!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great hearing your feedback Omen.. I look forward to seeing some post’s from you, i too love reading other’s post’s.

    ps. i checked out your injuries blog, nice. When i was 12 i was “power socket shocked” to near death. Man i still remember the feeling, over the years it’s turned from a bad memory to an addiction that i feel i want to experience again (but i aint stupid enough to try)….

  3. hehe! That blog is just for a bit of fun amongst my mates – i always manage to injure myself doing stuff – whether it be something extreme or a little scratch i like to exagerate on. :o)

    Once ive caught up on your posts im going to have a bash with Silverlight again. Still half way through – as i said – not enough hours in the day.

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