Project SilverLight 1.1 – the beginning

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Today i begin my adventures in the world of SilverLight development.

I have a grand plan to master SilverLight. I’ve been holding off on learning flash (mainly because i was a bit scared that and very lazy). Now with Silverlight being .net based i have no excuse not to pick it up.

I’ve always wanted to create cool animations and great UI’s (beyond what traditional HTML/Ajax can provide), now is the time!

So this is my plan:

1) Create a simple SilverLight application

2) Plug that SilverLight application into an ASP.NET ajax web application (simple ASP.NET web application nothing too complicated)

3) Extend that ASP.NET ajax web application to use update panels and webservices

4) Extend the SilverLight application to consume the webservices (rather than use the inbuilt silverlight network services, as from what i’ve read theyre a bastard to get working without ‘orcas’)

The tools at my disposal are:

1) SilverLight 1.1

2) .NET framework 2.0

3) VS2005 (not VS2008 orcas)

4) Expression studio (inclusive of Blend 2 may preview)

I’ll document my progress every single step of the way.. Hope you enjoy!

3 responses to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – the beginning

  1. Please become guru in Silverlight so we can learn from you , THanks for this work

  2. ill try too govind. thanks for the comment and support !

  3. This is awesome. I’ve already looked at everything through part 8. The videos have been helpful. Although the resolution isn’t great and the audio is a little low, it still gets the point across. Expression really looks terrific. Thanks for your contribution to the community.

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