Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 1


[for those that have just arrived to my blog and haven’t had the opportunity of reading my previous  blog entries ill recap… I have begun my adventures into learning silverlight, and the best way of learning is by doing. So i’m going to create a full blown silverlight application / application of which the design is going to be based on the iTunes application]

So here are the screenshots from the current version of iTunes

iTunes - Floating album covers and simple grids This first thumbnail shows iTunes and the floating album (cool control) and the grid list of songs. This is the main pieces of iTunes. Nail this and i nail the project.

iTunes - screenshot - online store This is the online store for iTunes. Simple layout and is really simple in design/functionality.

iTunes online store - album selected This is the online store with an album selected.

iTunes store showing all albums for an artist This is the online store showing all albums for an artist 

Below is a detailed outline of the components that make up the iTunes main page.

iTunes screen 1 - Parts

A) top menu

B) play media control – common control for all forms of media

C) main feedback control – provide a common feedback area for the desktop

D) views control – changes the view of the entire desktop

E) search control

F) desktop extra controls

G) albumn cover flyouts

H) media gridlist

I) extra control

J) extra feedback (specific to grid)

K) extra control

L) Main navigation menu/list

I’ll breakdown the online store a bit later. I want to get started with the prototyping, im getting itchy feet!

6 responses to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 1

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