Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 4

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For those just touching base for the first time with my blog what im trying to do is learn silverlight and in the process of learning document for you everthing i discover and uncover within this blog.

 The project im working on is to replicate the iTunes app as a silverlight / application.

In the previous lessons i proved to myself that i can have multiple controls on a webage communicating to the base page which in turn communicated to the controls. I had 3 types of controls that i tested this with , html input control of type textbox, textbox control both within an update panel (showing async ajax behaviour) and outside directly on the webpage, and a silverlight control with an embeded textbox control.

In this part of the prototype i want to prove that the silverlight control can interact with the web page which can then interact with the other controls (still a single direction of communication). The diagram below describes the pathway’s of communications that i am prototyping for this project.

Already proven:

Page Communication 1 

Page Communication 2

To Prove

Communication path 3


There was never any doubt in my mind that we couldn’t do this. The silverlight control initiated a call to the base page which in turn updated the other controls on the web page (all client side)

So now i have proven that all the controls on the page can communicate with each other via the base webpage, im set to start to create the wire-template of the proposed iTunes silverlight application. This is the fun bit. 

Stay tuned in my next posting, ill walkthru my wire-template of my proposed silverlight/ iTunes app!

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  1. gr8 please continue this Thanks

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