Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 3

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Following on from my previous post i discoverd that i can have a base ASP.NET page as the controller page and have controls sitting within it update as i see fit. ie. my base page will update the html control, silverlight control, control upon request.

Now the next big test is to prove that, in true ajax fashion, i can update parts of a page without doing a full page reload. This involves using update panels within my page.

So using the previous example i will extend the textbox control to be contained within an update panel and have that update panel asynchronously posting back to the server refreshing itself without the rest of the page being reloaded. I need to be able to trigger this from

a) within the actual update panel itself and

b) outside of the update panel from within the main web page (eg. have the actual webpage initiate the update panel refresh)


In the sample (entry point JF000002.aspx) i was able to replicate the above tests proving that the main page can force ajax like refreshes of parts of the page without affecting the other parts. This includes silverlight controls sitting on the page.

Sample 2 - JF00002 1/3 This is the same sample from JF000001 but i have enclosed the textbox in an update panel and have added a button in there as well to show that it indeed can async’ly postback without affecting the other controls or causing a full page refresh

Sample 2 - JF00002 2/3 This is the effect of clicking the first button at the bottom of the page where i force a refresh of all the textboxes triggered from the html page

Sample 2 - JF00002 3/3 This is the base html page forcing just the update panel to update leaving the other controls (html textbox and the silverlight control) unchanged and intact.

The next step will be to see if an ajax control can cause an event on the base html page which in turn calls the other controls on the page (html control and the textbox control within an async update panel) all in ASYNCHRONOUSLY and WITHOUT FULL PAGE POSTBACK’s.

3 responses to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 3

  1. is missing.

  2. Thanks for the pick up. I’ve fixed the link to point to the source repository at codeplex. It’s one big zip file that contains the entire source code for the proptotype.

  3. i downloaded the given devlopment002 zip file… but not able execute it on .Net nd same with expression blend. can u tell how to place file in .NET and Expression blend

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