Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 2

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So my prototype is going to be based around the iTunes library (see posting Prototype – 1)

Im going to build the prototype on ASP.NET using the AJAX extensions

And im going to have elements of SilverLight and Ajax Controls on the webpage, each needing to communicate with each other to deliver the iTunes experience.

Below is a diagram of what i want to prototype first. It’s a proof of concept that all the components within my solution will be able to communicate in ways im expecting.


Simple Highlevel Communication between components

In a nutshell i want to create a ASP.NET webpage and have normal HTML controls, SilverLight components and Ajax Components layed out on it. Communication is going to be only between the controls and the page, NOT between the controls themselves.

I want the page to manage all the communication exchanges!


I created an webpage and placed the following on it

1) HTML Input control of type Text

2) ASP.NET TextBox

3) SilverLight object with a textbox defined

4) HTML Input control of type Button

Then i added code on the click event of the button (4) to update all the textbox controls (1,2,3) from within the page via javascript (all client side calls)

As expected it worked. See the sample (entry point was JF000001.aspx)

Sample JF000001 before button click This is the sample page(JF000001.aspx) showing the 3 controls and the button before i click the button.

Sample JF000001 after button click This is the sample page(JF000001.aspx) after i click the button. You will notice that the text is successfully written to all participating controls (silverlight, and html control)

The next post will take the proof-of-concept to the next level where i will use update panels (for true async ajax style updates). This is cruicial test for fullfilling my vision of the iTunes silverlight app, if i can’t use update panels then i think its gonna be game over!

7 responses to “Project SilverLight 1.1 – Prototype – Part 2

  1. Nice project! Unfortunately, the link to your sample code doesn’t seem to work… (

  2. appologies… ive updated the link to go to my new source repository codeplex

  3. What a great way to start this project off! I really like your proof of concept.
    Unfortunately I got the file from the repository labeled and it seems that the csproj file isn’t right. It is looking for designer files that don’t exist and xaml files that aren’t in the root directory. This may be why you haven’t received many comments yet. You really should because this is a fantastic way to get some insight on, javascript, and silverlight integration…not to mention a look at expression blend.

  4. It works if I start it off by opening it as a website. I shouldn’t have bothered with the csproj file. However, I do get two javascript errors, createSilverlight is not defined and _ag has no properties.

  5. hmmm i actually haven’t looked at that project in over a month. I sort of stalled on working on it, but i plan on starting again to complete it this weekend. Ill upload a new version of the code base with fixes. Also im glad your liking the series of posts…

    ps. is the actual silverlight content working, if not make sure you’ve got silverlight 1.1 alpha refresh installed!

  6. plz tell how to get database access on silverlight project. i want to access table in silverlight then display in chart.

  7. FYI: If anyone is looking for a great web host, try Server Intellect. They just upgraded to the new Windows Server 2008 and have ‘Longhorn’ on all of its Dedicated Servers. The new Windows Server 2008 upgrade has many upgrades and additions – new web, security and virtualization technologies.

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