PirateReports revokes vBulletin license of HongFire.com for “moral reasons”


Make sure when purchasing software that you always have a backup plan in place if the software vendor decides to stop letting you use there software! vBulletin did just that (lega or not legal is the big questions)


PirateReports.com, an anti-piracy agent for Jelsoft (the makers of vBulletin) revoked the license one of the biggest US based Anime websites (HongFire.com) for “moral reasons”. Beware vBulletin users who might have “questionable” content.

The great debate:

So what did the community at Digg have to say about this?

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2 responses to “PirateReports revokes vBulletin license of HongFire.com for “moral reasons”

  1. PirateReports.com did not revoke the license Jelsoft did so if you are going to have a blog try getting the facts right.

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