Google as an advertising channel

Ok … i question myself all the time regarding using the internet as an advertising medium. I keep telling myself that its a learning experience and that i do it to keep ahead of the pack.

 The truth is, there is little money to be made from adsense on your site. Its good chump change but the money is in real work (providing some service to someone). So ive decided to turn my head at providing my experience in internet marketing to willing buyers over optimising websites for adsense.

 The whole PPC and PPM market is over-rated and its a model, that i strongly believe, doesnt work! Its prone to too many scammers (myself included) and at the end of the day no one wants to pay for a click, they want to pay for a high value contact.

As an advertiser i was, at my peak, putting in personal funds upwards of 2K US a month into internet advertising (mainly google adwords). But these days i’ve stopped and am building sites with a view to put advertising on them when there mature. I can only speak for myself but i can’t see the internet advertising market making anywhere what it use to this year!

My next article will be in 3 days time and it will discuss my ventures with microsofts adcenter and the following article with be on yahoos overture!

ps. i cant give a #$@# around TOS, if google,msn,yahoo decide to kick me out it will be doing me a favour (saving me a couple of grand a month actually). So my following articles will be quite picturesque, alot of screen shots on my advertising game plans, which goes against alot of the TOS’s currently in place. 🙂

Till my next article … liquidboy!

One response to “Google as an advertising channel

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