Results from – Experiment “purchase traffic”

Ok 3days into the adwords experiment of purchasing cheap traffic here are the results..

100 clicks at 1cent each  over 3 days.

Now that is extremely low but if you look at the words/phrases we choose the 100 clicks i got was pretty high. (It only cost me 1dollar anyway)

Now all i have to do is create another couple of hundred adwords campaigns bottom “phissing for the 1cent clicks”

Stay tuned for my next experiment “purchase traffic via print media advertising

9 responses to “Results from – Experiment “purchase traffic”

  1. Found some more nuggets of info on your site! :o) Ive got a website to start advertising but never used adwords & adsense before.

    I tried clicking through to the site and it appears to be not there any more.

    Do you know of any alternatives? Id like to give this a try and see what happens to traffic – but dont want to choose the wrong things.


    Im looking forward to the next itunes post – about to download blend and have a play with that! Looks wicked.

  2. hehe… i’ve long since stopped with my advertising experiments.. I sort of ran out of cash, im really bad with budgeting. I’m one of those people that lives pay check to pay check..

    Mind you i will one day get back into it but right now I’m concentrating on jumping on the SilverLight band wagon.

    As for my iTunes project, i really want to start development but I’ve sort of stalled the project. I completed the Prototype and had mocked up the project plan but i was sort of scared to begin development due to potential legal implications with Apple’s actual iTunes.. Financially i can’t afford to get sued so unfortunately unless someone can guarantee my legal bill’s im sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place 😦

    Thou i will begin a whole swag of cool new projects … I’ll mention all this in an upcomming post….

    ps. that’s unfortunate about cheap keywords, i liked that site. I’m pretty sure you can google “Cheap Keywords” and find some other good ones…

  3. Incredible the power of the empire Awdords and Adsense, Now I am learning Google Magic Formula, a great system to learn how to dominate adwords, It contains some unique tricks & techniques: this program is perfect for beginners.

  4. Spider Web Marketing Overcomes the Pitfalls of MLM
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  5. Have to be careful in adwords. There is so much to keep in mind when using it. So many people lose money because they aren’t careful and don’t inform themselves..educate themselves in how to do it.

  6. Got a couple Spam comments on here my friend.

    The world of Google Adwords and Adsense can be simple, or extremely complicated. The more “Google Massacre” Trash one buys into, the more complicated it gets.

    Google has some great tools to help with the marketing process. Keyword tool to id popular search terms related to your product, Google Trends shows what is “hot”, Campain optimization, Adwords Editor, etc.

    I think you have a good approach, keep it simple and just get in there and do it. Analizing which keywords convert is difficult. There are some tools out there that can help, but as you say, if your direct linking to someone elses affiliate program, you probably don’t have the ability to add code to the sales page. The Amazon affiliate program is quite good and you may find that you can use some of their analytical tools. eBay is also a Very Successful affiliate program.

    If you don’t have an account with adwords, start by looking for sign up incentives. Webhosting packages are the most common way to get Adword Credits and if you intend to have your own site(s) it is a necessary addition. Look for a good deal and ad credits. Many paid membership sites have credits too. Simply Google Adwords Credit and you’ll find all kinds.

    Adwords is a niche Full of “Snake Oil” sale people. Be very careful, chances are you don’t need 99% of what people are selling to “beat Google”. Takes practice and time and sharing through free mediums such as Blogs such as this. A Ton of Stellar info Free out there.



    ps a simple and free mode of traffic generation is off course becoming involved in the marketing community. Visit folks blogs, see what they have to say, share your thoughts. This has generated 100’s of hits/day to my site.

  7. Internet marketers, especially newbies, have to be careful when using adwords. Many of them are losing money. They failed to learn and use the right tools on how to use adwords effectively. Adwords is a double edge sword – it can bring you instant traffic as well as burnt a big hole in your pockets if you aren’t tactful.

  8. Awesome. I believe in adwords and search marketing when done correctly. I think it gets a bad reputation from those who have no idea what they are doing. I did an experiment myself on adwords by search or adwords content on adsense network. The results were pretty interesting but too long to share in this comment.

  9. I made a HUGE loss when I tried MLM. Just too hard to make money fast. I ditched it pretty quickly, but now I just sell the MLM leads instead, far easier that way.

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