Experiment using ADWORDS/AMAZON

Hello people,

Ive just gotten back from holidays but prior to leaving on them (a month ago) i began my first experiment using Adwords and Amazon!

Ive just switched it off (disabled my google adwords campaigns) and i dont think ill turn it on again so im happy to share every piece of information regarding the results of this experiment!



Sell Amazon DVD’s
1) Laguna Beach
2) Arrested Development Sitcom
3) Futurama DVD’s
4) Simpson DVD’s
5) Scrubs DVD’s

campaign 1 : Laguna Beach Reality Series
campaign 2 : Arrested Development Sitcom
campaign 3 : Futurama Series
campaign 4 : Simpson Series
campaign 5 : Scrubs Series

PART 1: Finding my keywords

I set the budget to $100/day for each campaign (don’t be afraid to set this high, check out my strategy later for why i do this)
I started with over 30 keywords per campaign (not targeted at all).
eg. Arrested Develpment, Arrested Dev, Arrested Development DVDs etc etc

For each keyword i needed to find the minimum CPC:
1) I set the Max CPC very low at the begining eg. 0.06cents
2) Each hour i would check if i was getting clicks/impressions if not i would slowly increase it by a couple of cents eg. 6c –> 11c–> 14c
3) When i got to a point where i was getting good clicks and a nice ranking i would stop there. It would take me between 1 -4 days to get to that point.
[earlier i set my budget to $100/day- i always knew it would never get this high because my strategy is to always bid for keywords at a rediculously low price then slowly work up, this way you always get the cheapest price]

“Lagunga Beach” : max CPC 41cents (took me 3 days to get to this) – some advertisers were paying upwards of 1.40CPC whilst i was getting great clicks for my 0.41cpc.(start low work up )
“Arrested Development” : max CPC 54cents (took me 1week to get here)
“scrubs” : max CPC 25cents (took me 2 days to get here)
etc etc.

Whilst working out my CPC’s i would work out which keywords were working and ones that wern’t. In the end i had campaings with about 3-5 keywords each. Don’t be afraid to remove keywords!!!!

My most profitable campaign was Laguna Beach and it had only 1 keyword in the end “Laguna Beach”

PART 2: Text Adverts

I started with a very big list of keywords and dwindled them down to specific working keywords. My adverts on the other hand were all very generic extremly targeted ones based on this template

If your a fan of the series you
need to get the extended DVD

PART 3: Landing pages for the adverts

I made a special fan site for the dvds and made special landing pages for each campaign. They were very targeted pages!

This is the landing page for laguna beach the best selling of the products

PART 4: Endurance

This is definetely the hardest part of the whole process. Lasting the distance. Basically you have to watch as your money runs out, as you get the clicks and don’t know if your making the sales.

All up i endured 2weeks of solid advertising (totalling about AUS$1500 of advertising)

campaign 1 : Laguna Beach Reality Series : $465 in advertising
campaign 2 : Arrested Development Sitcom : $165 in advertising
campaign 3 : Futurama Series : $233 in advertising
campaign 4 : Simpson Series : $344 in advertising
campaign 5 : Scrubs Series :$245 in advertising


Laguna Beach Season 1 : 54
Simpsons Season 1 : 4
Simpsons Season 2 : 1
Simpsons Season 3 : 6
Simpsons Season 4 : 2
Simpsons Season 5 : 7
Simpsons Season 6 : 12
Simpsons Season 7 : 28
Scrubs Season 1 : 4
Scrubs Season 2 : 19
Arrested Development : 21
Futurama : NONE !!!


With amazon we only get a 5-10% commission structure which is really @@#$
After i work out how much that translates to ill update people with the profits/losses.

In a nut shell i believe i made a nice profit but untill i actually calculate it i have no idea! Give me a weeke to get back into the groove of things!

Amazon technically performed badly, it took ages to load and sometimes the product wouldnt load at all (showing the standard amazon advert in place of the actual product).

Similary when i wanted to check my stats in the associates area the site was extremely slow to load up and sometimes died on me.

Similarly the reports are pretty crap. I dont think ill use amazon again!

From what people say Commision Junction sounds pretty good. I might try them out next time (maybe next week)!

If you have time check out my current experiment “beatifying the web”

9 responses to “Experiment using ADWORDS/AMAZON

  1. So… did you make a profit? 🙂

    I was thinking about doing the same, AdWords -> Amazon Affiliate…

  2. Yeah i did end up making a pretty good profit. But it took a while, and to date im still making money on those pages i setup.. (there indexed well into the search engines)

    Im planning to hire someone full time whos job will be to just create landing pages of new series and movies.

    If each series or movies can generate $100 profit a month that should cover the cost of an indian worker making 10-20 types of pages(series and movies) a month…

  3. Hi, I’m looking into this but am unclear how you could have made a profit. You sold 158 DVD’s with $1500 worth of advertising…assuming each DVD sells for approx. 30.00 and you get between 5-10%, then you make about $1.50-$3.00 per DVD sold. $3.00 times 158 DVD’s falls well short of what you spent in advertising. I would like to try something like this but can’t make the numbers work. Where have I gone wrong in my calculations? Thanks for your efforts.

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