Experiment “purchase traffic” – using Adwords

Ok to recap i have a site that i want to grow, and by grow i mean get alot of people visiting it!

I outlined that i would try to achieve this by either purchasing traffic or by purchasing print space in a local magazine. The later, print space, is the subject of a future post. This post is about my first option “purchase traffic”

The site which im trying to grow is Liquid Lounge. Check out the Liquid Lounge tab if you want more information regarding this site!

Step 1: Find cheap keywords

I used this site to find cheap keywords. Take time to look around it and try to find keywords that match your site.

I choose the area “entertainment” and category “shows”. The keywords i chose were at the end of the list, the el-cheapo keywords in the 0.05cent range!



don and mike show
pedigree slide show
andy milonakis show
source today show
ticket to show
attack of the show
pedigree slide show
cruise show today tom
man show lady

Step 2: Adwords setup

Strategy is to get people to the site for only 1cent if possible. Unfortunately the search network is too expensive so we have to utilise the content network.

switch content network on and leave search network off

 So i created a campaign, pasted my keywords in to it then switched off the google search off and left the content network on! I also set a budget of $10/day

Then i bid 0.01cent on the keywords!


Step 3: Wait and see.

Now all i do is wait for the clicks. Hopefully you’ve chosen a keyword that is popular and doesnt have too many scammers and click freuds!


Next time: 

My next post will be about the results from this experiment. Stay tuned people!

9 responses to “Experiment “purchase traffic” – using Adwords

  1. looks like that site is down…any other good sites to find what keywords are going for?

  2. Adwords is fantastic ive got into it alot,

    A great source for newbies just starting out is

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  8. Your post is interesting as is the site. You must have done something right, because you are showing in search results.

    Would like to know hw you have been doing since this post. I hope you will find time to give a short update

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