Driving traffic to a site (using ADWORDS)

My goal is to make my personal website popular and by popular i mean “thousands of unique repeat visitors every day”

My personal website is “liquid lounge“.

So how am i going to drive traffic to my site?

1) Purchase traffic – advertise in other online websites and drive traffic from there to my site!

2) Advertise in print publications – advertise in local magazines, or print publications and try to attract people to my site!

Option 1 “purchase traffic” will be my experiment “Purchase Traffic” and seeing as i already know how google adwords works i will use there advertising network!

Option 2 “Advertise in print publications” will be the subject on my second experiment “Advertising in Print Publications”

Step 1: Find cheap keywords to bid on

Step 2: Come up with a catchy non-misleading adverts tying my site with the keywords defined above

Step 3: Run the campaign and monitor the the popularity of my site!

As a side note I am prepared to lose money on this experiment! And i am capping my potential losses to AU$200.

experiment “Purchase Traffic” will be discussed in my next blog entry, stay tuned!

One response to “Driving traffic to a site (using ADWORDS)

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